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[ That date was getting close. Every day since he left this world, she hoped to see him again the next day. She went to sleep with her heart full of hope that one day, he would return and they would be able to be happy once more. But… Her birthday was so close and yet… There was no sign that he would return.

It’s the first time that she would spend that day without that man. Before anything, having a birthday was pointless. Back in the past, she would not even care, but now that she had friends and someone that was so important, she thought… She thought that having a day for her was nice. ]

Will you really… come back?

[ Lucifer’s voice breaks the silence for a moment. Sitting on top the Pokemon Center in the city with Hayate’s travelling group, the stake of purgatory grabbed the device tightly looking at it with a serious expression on her face. Her red eyes starting at the recording for some minutes, before she finally speaks again. ]

Humans always celebrate their birthdays, but why are they important? Why celebrate they are one day close to ending their lives?

[ And before the feed ends, she sighs and looks at the sky again. ]

November first is getting close…
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[ Look, a new video feed starts with a certain stake that you might remember hanging around a certain butler weeks ago. Well, this time, it looks like said lady is in trouble, as she is only some strange clothes that aren't either her stake uniform or her lolita dresses. And she seems to be chasing one of her pokemons riding on her Arcanine as well.

Yeah, today doesn't seem to be a good day for Lucifer at all. ]

You beast...! How dare you to steal my clothes! You will regret messing with Lucifer of Pride like thiiiiiis! Kyaaaaa! I will not tolerate this humiliation any longer--!

[ And then, before she could catch her Piplup, she falls from her Arcanine. But luckily there is a charming young trainer that is there to catch her up in his strong arms. He says something that cannot be heard yet and then...]

Release me in this momeeeent! I don't want to be your girlfriend!!

[ Finally, she notices the screen. She notices it is recording. There's a big blush before she throws her Ninetales at it. ]

What are you looking at-----?!

[ And she ends the feed. ]
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[ Have a nice picture of a Gothic-lolita Stake by the time she picks up the device. Next to her seems to be a pokemon with a matching set of clothes. ]

Johto, enlight me with something. As I am shopping for clothes, I noticed that this little one seems to enjoy wearing this particular clothes. Now, this kind of pokemon is quite rare in this days, am I riiiight? It hatched from the egg I received during that horrible San Valentine's Day.

I-It's not like I like her or anything. I do need to come up with some ideas for a name, so I request some ideas from you all. If your options are good enough, I may listen to them and grace this little one with them. It is quite an honor that something like this happen, so feel yourself lucky for it.

As another note, Hayate, I wish to speak with you.
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But she's, indeed, really happy holding an egg in her arms by the time the video starts. ]

Today is such a wonderful day! Even if Johto decided to take away my boyfriend for this holiday, I will not rest until the responsible of this pays! But, for now, I'm quite pleased with all this cute pokemons that are outside! I just want to cuddle them all the day!

I, Lucifer of Pride, wishes everyone a happy and wonderful San Valentine's Day! [ giggle. ] If you want some chocolate, just ask me, okay?

[ With a happy laugh, she ends the feed. ]
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Because I should do this soon, of course... So here we go.... THE LISTSSSSSSSSSS FOR UR, LUCIFER, BARTZ, WILL, CROIX AND LUSSURIA )

I must be forgetting plenty of people so I'm so sorry, I just don't know who knows my character and that sldfnlksdwoeutbfkr Kick me here if you think I forgot your character!!
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[ Another day in Lucifer's life where people of her world leave this Fragment. She had to make sure before informing to the Network to all those who spoke with her, but it was still sad for her. Now the house felt a bit empty without her Master around... Perhaps she could do the rest of the badges to distract her head.

Beatrice was back with Battler, and that was what it mattered now. As much as she tried, she couldn't bring herself to record a video feed, so she switched for a simple text. ]

for those who were acquaintances and friends of the Golden Witch Beatrice, she has returned to her world.

[ It was a simple, small text. That was all she could do right now. Perhaps a little walk would help her, so feel free to run into her around Goldenrod. ]
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[ A new wild video appears! This time brought to you by Lucifer herself! She's somewhere close to where there's water because she has her legs on the water and she's sitting calmly, chilling with one of her pokemons to play with. She has the Gear in her hands and she seems to be playing with it for a bit. ]

Halloween is coming closer~ Last year was worth of watching and I wonder if this world will surprise us in some way or another. [ A chuckle. ] In any case, we are planning to spend this holiday like no one will be able to forget. We shall soon start traveling again in this world once more. [ Which means that she doesn't have to clean the house again for a long time. ] There are some badges that I'm lacking, but I have no rush to crush them down. Time surely flies around here, to think that it's been more than one year that I have been placed in this Fragment.

[ She trails off and reaches to pet the Sharpedo with a smirk. ]

But that's not all I wanted to say. [ Let's show them why she is pride itself... ] Someone in this world once gave me a day to celebrate as my birthday since Furniture doesn't have one. In other cases I wouldn't have cared, but since he was someone close to me I decided to celebrate it as well. [ ahahaha.wav ] The date is November First, and I shall be awaiting for those who are close to me.

[ She looks at the pokemon again. ]

If not, I'll make sure that Pioggia eats you all for breakfast.

[ Why yes, that's Squalo's Sharpedo. She cuts the feed there. If you are looking for her, she's in one of the routes outside Goldenrod, playing with said pokemon. ]
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[ Lucifer did see the post about Squalo's going home, and even if she wanted to deny it, she knew it was true because Xanxus wouldn't joke with something like. He doesn't make any jokes. And despite that, she still went to check the pokemon center hoping for a chance that she didn't end up with any of his pokemons and Squalo was just being an ass in general...

Sadly, she found his Steelix and Sharpedo in her box. And she found something else as well. Atoli, Haseo's Wigglytuff, was also in her storage. She tried to contact him and the only thing she only received was the same annoying sentence from the gear. "Number cannot be found."

... Definitely, this was the worst month so far. She needed to do something, so she kept walking around the city. Perhaps she would wake up and think this was only a damn dream. That Mammon, Haseo and Squalo would still be here. And she knew that she was being only a fool. Lucifer picked up the gear and stared at it for some seconds before posting a n audio in the network. ]

Haseo seems to have returned to his world, and so has Superbi Squalo as you are well aware of it.

Hmph. First my sister and now them... I'll make this Game Master pay...!

[ She is really trying hard to not sob because she's trying to keep it cool. Some seconds later, she ends the feed. ]
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[Today, this video feed starts with a smiling Furret playing with the Gear to record something interesting! Once she removes her face from the camera, she moves around with the Pokegear to show where they are: Cianwood. Some of you will recognize this as Lucifer's Furret who likes to play with the gear when Lucifer isn't looking at her.

The night was almost reaching the city by the time the pokemon turned this on, but there's a strange sound coming from around the camera. It's the sound of two monsters fighting each other. When she moves the camera again, it's clear what's going on:

Lucifer and Squalo are having a sparring match. Both of them are smirking pleased about all of this. Lucifer stands up and flips her hair, giggling again while poiting her wooden sword at Squalo.]

Hey, Squalo. You're not bad at this~ To think you can keep up with me!

Voooi, Lucifer! You're talking with the Second Emperor of the Sword, don't forget that!

[The demon furniture rests her free hand in her hip and chuckles.]

Very well. The one who wins this match shall be declared the victorious one! Are you ready to lose, Squaaaaloooo?

[Squalo grins at that and launches himself to fight her. The next minutes involve a fierce battle against the two of them, in which it's clear that if they weren't using wooden swords, they would be totally killing each other... And they don't seem to mind it at all! the tension is rising as time passes, and then when Lucifer seems to go to strike the final attack, Squalo takes this moment as his chance and strikes back to win this match.

Lucifer falls back from the attack, looking down a bit for losing it after struggling so much. She will forever blame the fact she doesn't have her powers back, but a loss it's still a loss and she still doesn't take them well.]

This is my win then.

Hmph! You weren't so bad, I'll give you that!

[There's a laugh coming from Squalo, but he offers his hand to help Lucifer to stand up from the ground. She sighs and after some seconds of considering it, she gives up a bit and takes his offer to rely on him to stand up. And as it was previously said, Squalo takes this chance to do something he wanted to do in a long time.

Once he helps her to raise from the ground, he leans to surprise kiss Lucifer. That's right. Squalo is kissing Lucifer who is really surprised at this whole thing like you have no idea. It takes her some seconds to actually react and stand back, face completely red for the whole situation.]


[And what is she doing? She's running away now. She's having one of those "HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS???" kind of reactions now. Squalo blinks at that, and the furret quickly ends the feed to run after her trainer. The last thing you can see before it turns black is Lucifer running towards the Inn with her furret behind her and Squalo with a confused expression on his face.]

[ooc: Both Squalo and Lucifer will be replying to this!]
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[This video starts with a certain Furret that keeps playing with Lucifer's pokegear, as always. She keeps playing with it for a long time, before she moves to show where they are. It's full with girls dressed as pokemons and such, and seems to be pretty lively over there.

That's right! Lucifer is working at the Cosplay Coffee of Goldenrod since they arrived there. She knows that the payment it's pretty good so it was the best place start. But where is she? The furret moves the camera to show her...

Our lovely murder is dressed as a cute Gothic Lolita! Her dress is black and white, and she's clearly a bit embarrassed at it. But she looks fine with wearing it and not some kind of pokemon related one.]

Welcome to the Cosplay Coffee. I'll be your waitress today! Please, don't hesitate in asking me anything you want~

[She looks so damn good in that dress, let me tell you. Her Furret makes a happy noise, and Lucifer turns to see it. And she that the device is on... Oh, no.]

What did you▬? Cease recording in this instant! This▬

[And she ends the feed. COME AND BOTHER HER!!!!!!!

Sorry for that picture ;u;]
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[Lucifer turns the video to show the rooftop of the Pokemon Center, apparently she's in her break from her job and her pokemons are out to play around. There's a smile on her face, and for once, it looks like she didn't have to terrorize someone to be happy.]

This place has been calm after that incident. Hmph, I wonder what will come next~ Those who were here as long as I are aware of what this place can do. This place never stops to entertain us! [Crackle.]

Crow, it seem I was right about the crows in our last conversation. You should recognize me for my knowledge. [Public humiliation, oh yes.]

Oh, and as a matter of fact, I'm looking for a Lopunny. Any information that you have it will be appreciated. [Gigglegiggle. Time to filter the next videos.]

[Private to Sisters/Video]
Mammon, Asmodeus, Belphegor. We should spend more time together! Let's do something fun!

[Private to Squalo/Video]
It's been a while since I heard from you. How is your Boss and friend?

[Private to Beatrice/Action]
[Well, it's time for round two of telling Lady Beatrice about Keiichi. She called her for a brief moment, alone, to tell her about her boyfriend. Part of her knew that she approved her since she already approved them once.]

L-Lady Beatrice... There's something I have to tell you.
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[If you happen to be around Violet, then you will run into an Arcanine who is being commanded by Lucifer. Oh, the joys of having a strong pokemon to move around. Too bad she's not caring if she steps on you (unless you're close CR to her) or she is just bored as it is.]

It's been a looong time, Vioooolet City! [Crackle] I wonder about this crows... They are making things interestiiiiing~

[She orders her Arcanine to go slowly to the Pokemon Center and then turns on the video feed.]


Johto, this is really interesting, don't you think? I wonder what it's going to be this time. [ahahaha.wav] Crows are always a bad omen, did you knoooow? [Giggleggile]

Lucifer of Pride has arrived to Violet City! It shouldn't be too long before I reach at your side, Beatrice-sama.

[Then, she filters the video to Keiichi only.]


... Hmph. It was nice to see you again, idiot.

... I'll tell Beatrice-sama about us. Again...

[She sighs, and then finally ends the feed.]
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[Lucifer normally is the kind of brag when she's in a good mood, but for some reason, if you are outside the Pokemon Center, you will notice that she's feeling down today. In front of her there's a Girafarig who is eating her food without noticing it. If you're close to Lucifer enough to know her team, you will remember that she didn't have a Girafarig to being with.]

Abbadon, now you belong to me.

[She wasn't ordering the pokemon anything, but mostly she was saying it to herself. This was Beatrice's pokemon. Her Master's pokemon, which could only mean one thing:

Her Master returned to her world.

She did have her Pokegear in her hands when she dialed Beatrice's number endless times, always getting the same reply:

"The number does not exist"

She kind of regretting not been there with her Master now. So, the least she could do was to inform the world about it.]


The Golden Witch Beatrice has returned to her world.

[And now she will be sad facing the Abbadon for a few minutes more.]
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[During the evening, Lucifer's pokegear turns on for a brief moment. Her eevee seems to be playing with it, but Lucifer seems to not notice it. Around her? The sky. Yup, someone's flying in the pretty sky!]

We're getting close.

[Her eevee purrs and ends the feed.]


Lady Lambdadelta, I'm in Cianwood.

[She didn't lock the message so her boyfriend could see it as well. She is going to walk around the place, so feel free to catch her during her walk!]
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You're trying to reach Lucifer of Pride. Speak now your business with me and I will consider replying you back. [BEEP]

Text, Voice, Video Call! Go for it.
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[It has been a week since Lucifer has been sleeping and remembering what happened back in their world. She quickly sits down on the bed to think a bit. She would kindly give her thoughts some time if it wasn't for the fact that the weather wasn't in the best condition to do so.]

How annoying this place can be!

[Sisters, you will see your sleeping big sister running to meet you all.]


[Lucifer turns the video option on to record her laugh as she's battling some of the bugs here. Hey, she needs to train some time after sleeping a whole week. She smirks at the camera as she calls her team back to rest inside quickly.]

Beatrice-sama! Lord Battler! Lucifer of Pride is back to duty! I won't let this place interfer with my job again!

[And she ends the feed.]


I need to talk with you right now.


Ven! I got the egg you sent me~! You have my gratitude for this! Kyaaa! I can't wait until it grows up!


Hayate, it's been a while. Please, contact me as soon as you can.
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[Apparently, Lucifer's dratini is playing with the gear until she manages to turn the video option on. But when she's done with that, she moves the device to a certain place where you can see Lucifer, who is not aware of this, staring at something she has in her hands.

If you look carefully, you will see that she's holding a Heart-shaped Locket that plays a certain tune.]

That idiot...

Draaaa ♥!

[Tsundere Beams aside, she smiles at the gift happily. . .

Until she notices the device. Oh, shi▬]

G-Give me that now! You foolish creatureeeee!!!

[If Dratinies could crackle, she would be doing it now. But, she manages to turn the feed off with a image of a blushing Lucifer.]
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[This video starts with Lucifer's Bagon recording it behind her. It seems she's outside the city facing someone in a battle. If you are paying attention, you will notice that she's fighting someone from the Team Rocket. In front of her, her Ninetales and Ampharos have already fallen into a nice sleep thanks to that bombs.]

C'mon, girl. If you behave well, I'll treat you very nicely.

[She puts her best smile, but she's a bit nervous.]

I don't need anything from you, fool. If you appreciate your life, I recommend you to run away in this moment!

Don't make me laugh! You're coming with me!

[In that moment, a fierce Arcanine appears on the screen to protect her trainer. The guy from the Team Rocket seems to be surprised at first, and Lucifer takes that as a chance to run away from the bombs for a moment.]

You can't escape!

[The screen goes black, but a loud, sharp cry can be heard. It's obvious that Ronove, the Arcanine, has fallen asleep as well. The Furret picks the Gear and shows it shows Lucifer who reached what it seems to be a dead end.]

This isn't not good...!
Show your face! I will never forgive you for this humillation!!

[Soon the guy can be seen again, with smug expression in her face. The furret SUDDENDLY JUMPS AT HIS FACE TO BITE IT OFF but an Arbok appears and they start fighting. Sadly for Lucifer, the Arbok ends winning the fight.]

See, things could have been faster if you just followed me, babe.

[She's glaring him so hard, and she's about to end crying when the rocket throws at her one of the sleep bombs. She quickly covers her face, trying to resist it as much as she can, but her body is starting to betray her.]

This cannot be happening...!

Game Over.


Baagooon! Baaaaaaaagoooooooooooooooon! [AND IT'S A STRIKE! In one of his legs. But what matters was that he did his best to protect Lucifer! Sadly, it only pissed off the guy who ended throwing six more sleep bombs. Keiichi, the Bagon, is out with it. And the Stake of Purgatory falls on the floor.]

B-Beatrice-Sama... K-Keiichi..

[And Lucifer's out from this battle. She's asleep on the floor. Since her gear is near her, the Team Rocket guy picks her in his arms, along with the gear, and laughs a bit.]

I got you all for myself until we reach the base.

[And he ends the feed. All replies will be five hours later when she's captive in the Team Rocket Base. Threadjack this post all you want guys!]
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This is how a Stake terrorizes Falkner )

I told you, Falkner! You didn't have a chance against me~ [Gigglegiggle as she's stepping in front of him, with her Bagon next to her.]

Y-You won, yes. Take this.. badge as a proof of your v-victory.

[He hands out the badge, wishing that she could just go now. He's a bit scared after this whole trolling things. Lucifer takes the badge as she smiles pleased, leaving behind the man and making herself out of the Gym.]

Nothing can stand in a Stake of Purgatory's way! Kyahahaha! [And then, the Bagon ends the feed.]

[An hour later, a new video starts. In this one, only Lucifer's back can be seen, as she's talking to someone. Of course, her Bagon is recording this without Lucifer's order. And she looks a bit nervous...]

B-Beatrice-Sama... There's something I must tell you...

[Lucifer makes a long pause before talking again.]

... I-I have a boyfriend, Beatrice-Sama. [And she's kneeling down as the Furniture she is, because... Oh, God, she's so nervous. Like telling a mother about this fff.]

You have my word as the eldest sister that this will not interfere with my work as your Furniture! As the eldest sister, I shall do anything you order without hesitation!

[And another pause, god she's trying to not cry in this one.]

His name is... Maebara Keiichi.

[And the Bagon ends the feed when he hears the last word since it's his name.]


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